BrainJack™ Time Card

Quickly identify missing or unreported hours

Identify data quality issues, improve invoice quality and expedite payment

Tool for project managers to manage contract burn rate and labor category vacancy

Quickly generate accurate invoice, saves time and accelerates invoice acceptance and payment by customer

BrainJack™ Time Card invoices are easy to customize and generate. What might otherwise take days can be generated in under 1 minute.

ActiveBI brings you intel on unreported hours and position vacancies.

Powerful pivot tables assist you in analyzing project revenue.

BrainJack™ Dashboards make your time and attendance data meaningful.

Download BrainJack™ Time Card Documentation – timecard.pdf

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BrainJack™ TimeCard provides executive leadership, management, employees, and clients with at-a-glance summaries and details of time and attendance data.

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