BrainJack™ Time Card

Taking time and attendance data and makes it available as dashboards, pivot tables, scheduled reports, alerts, and invoices. 

BrainJack Time Card Dashboards

With BrainJack™ Time Card, you get dashboards that give you what you need to make timely decisions. More than just indicators and pictures, the components in the dashboard have drill-down capabilities. When you click on a chart, the other components respond by giving you correlated information. 

BrainJack™ Time Card Pivot Tables

Use the Revenue Pivot or Employee Pivot to do ad-hoc queries and analysis of your time and attendance data. The BrainJack™ Time Card pivots allow you to change dimension, drill down to details, and even download the data for offline viewing.

ActiveBI Brings Important Things to Your Attention

Having great dashboards makes it easier for you to quickly see the status of your project. But you can’t spend all of your time minding your business intelligence. BrainJack™ ActiveBI frees you up to mind your business. When thresholds are crossed or events of interest take place, BrainJack™ ActiveBI will make sure that you are notified; the data will be emailed to you as spreadsheets, pivot tables, and charts.

BrainJack™ Time Card invoices are easy to customize and generate. What might otherwise take days can be generated in under 1 minute.

ActiveBI brings you intel on unreported hours and position vacancies.

Powerful pivot tables assist you in analyzing project revenue.

BrainJack™ Dashboards make your time and attendance data meaningful.

Download BrainJack™ Time Card Documentation – timecard.pdf

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BrainJack™ Time Card was developed to make invoicing and the gathering of time and attendance intelligence much easier.

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