About Us

BIF Technologies (BIF) was founded in 1999 in San Antonio, Texas by Roderick and Darlene Barnes as an IT consulting firm. In 2002, BIF expanded into the Business Intelligence (BI) arena with the introduction of its own reporting tool – BrainJack ™. BrainJack™ is a modern middle-tier BI software solution that leverages patented technology to provide powerful drill-down and correlation in dashboards, cubes, and reports. BIF’s products, services, and training classes equip organizations to make their data meaningful.

Our Mission

What We Believe

A business intelligence framework that enables developers to develop and manage queries that allow business users to build correlated dashboards that turn your information to insight and promotes the prioritization of tasks and completion of one or more critical activities.

Our belief is your data doesn’t have to sit on an Excel sheet that goes on for rows and rows. We believe in transforming your data to determine your KPIs, goals, and actionable items. BIF will always show you how we can transform your data into actionable business intelligence.

There’s no data that’s safe from a solution

We are focused on making your data meaningful in support of your business decision-making process.