BrainJack™ Membership

Easy to Read

  • Presents intuitive intelligence in the form of a business dashboard that improves your ability to track your organization’s business results
  • Pivot Tables enabling analysis and ad hoc business queries of your data.
  • Our dashboards promote accelerated understanding and decision making by eliminating the need to flip between screens to compare results.

Easy to Reach

  • Interactive, Actionable, and Active cloud-based dashboard that makes information accessible to users throughout your organization as well as members of your chamber, association or trade organization. 
  • ActiveBI Scheduler allows you to schedule the delivery of reports to users inside or outside your organization. 

Easy to Realize your Goals

  • BrainJack™ Membership delivers Actionable Intelligence that drives activities supporting the attainment of your business objectives (individual, team, company, etc).
  • BrainJack Membership dashboard promotes communication, improved member satisfaction, and organization efficiency.
  • Data refresh cycles provide a continuously updated view of your information and support the attainment of improved business outcomes. 

What value can BrainJack™ Membership add to your organization?

  • Measure the effectiveness of communication with members
  • Improve the collection of membership fees
  • Match members with relevant events to improve their business
  • Provide a big-picture view of your business and your members through the integration of membership and financial data (connection to QuickBooks)
Log in to your BrainJack™ Membership Dashboard
Select the desired dashboards from the drop-down menu on the left menu bar
Define the variables (or filters), hit enter and your summary chart will be displayed in the upper left quadrant
Select a data point on the summary chart and BrainJack™ will communicate with the other BI components (charts, graphs, tables) on the page providing a more detailed view of the subject matter without leaving the page.

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