BrainJack™ Financials 

Turning your data into actionable intelligence

Easy to Read

Interactive, Actionable, and Active cloud-based dashboard that makes information accessible to users throughout your organization. You can receive updated information about cash flow, performance against goals and other key business metrics as often as your data is input in your financial system . 

Easy to Reach

Delivering business dashboards that align with your business goals on one screen without context switching.  This approach simplifies the tracking and utilization of the organization’s financial results. 

Easy to Realize your Goals

Patented correlated component communication technology that presents all of the important information about a specific topic. BrainJack™ Financial dashboards promote understanding and retention of key performance indicators and trends in your business results.   

Product Description and Usage

Financial management is an important part of every business. The data that is collected and the insights that are presented can improve cash flow and focus resources where they pay the greatest dividends.

BrainJack™ Financials organizes the intelligence from QuickBooks and other business systems and displays a single correlated view of

(1) key organizational metrics,  (2) financial efficiency over time or versus a goal, and
(3) other actionable information.

Using ActiveBI to continuously monitor your data, BrainJack™ Financials alerts management of possible accounts receivables issues or changes in cash flow allowing you to plan and react in advance of a crisis.

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