I am the Chief Technology Officer/Solutions Developer for BIF Technologies. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering from UTSA. I have been working at BIF for 3 years. My roles and responsibilities include providing full-stack development support for the ACMS Web Application with the Secretary of the AirForce, supporting the customer entails interfacing with government counterparts, creating technical documentation, debugging issues, and taking web application solutions from the design phase to development, deployment, testing, and maintaining solutions. 

In addition to supporting the ACMS project, my responsibilities span to provide in-house development for BIF with R&D for new projects as well as providing maintenance support for existing projects. My role at BIF involves a leadership role with our BrainJackTM developers to provide insights into the underlying systems as well as providing support in communication between the product owner and developers to allow for an efficient bridging of the vision to the implementation of our solutions. 

I really enjoy working at BIF because there is a rich, agile environment that allows for professional and personal growth through challenge and mentorship. BIF is a company that invests in its employees and its customers by constantly pursuing a raising of quality in all aspects of the company. BIF Technologies has a culture of honor and mentorship that gives employees the platform on which to grow to be the best in their field and it encourages employees to mentor others as they were mentored. As iron sharpens iron, so you sharpen one another (Proverbs 27:17).