Transforming your data into actionable intelligence

Empowers users to make better, faster, data-driven decisions

  • Improved efficiency
  • Measures the total cost of business operations
  • Improved usability – drill-downs on one screen

Key business insights wherever you are, whenever you need them

  • Enables the scheduled delivery of reports to authorized users.
  • Autonomously investigate user-defined key performance indicators (KPI) using business rules
  • Ability to assign recipients and information delivery conditions or rules

Data analysis integrated into your business intelligence ecosystem

  • A simple way to analyze data based on multiple data dimensions
  • A faster way to identify patterns in data
  • User-friendly interface simplifies building a pivot table
  • Ability to see summary or detail data in one table
  • Integrates with ActiveBI to autonomously deliver a report or alert

Directly supporting the attainment of your business goals

  • Communicates information that drives unique business value
  • Specific format that meets contractual, client, or regulatory requirements 

BrainJack™ Solutions

BrainJack™ Membership

  • Measure the effectiveness of communication with members
  • Improve the collection of fees
  • Match members with relevant events to improve their business
  • Provide a holistic view of your business and your members through the integration of membership and financial data

BrainJack™ ITSM

  • Improve data-driven decision making and organizational efficiency by surfacing data from your IT Service Management (ITSM) system.
  • Automating the distribution of actionable intelligence to authorized users based on configurable schedules and/or business rules.

BrainJack™ TimeCard

  • Takes time and attendance data and makes it available as dashboards, pivot tables, scheduled reports, alerts, and invoices.
  • Provides easy-to-read prompts for dashboard parameters.
  • Leverage calendars, maps, pop-up lists, checkboxes, and more to get user input.

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