BrainJack™ Products


What is BrainJack™?

BrainJack™ is a Business Intelligence Framework server that helps to make your data meaningful. BrainJack™ is a query development tool, a repository, BI Component factory, and accelerates the development of web-enabled business applications and correlated dashboards. Unlike other business intelligence tools, BrainJack™ is easy to set up, intuitive, and delivers solutions that encompass all areas of the data life-cycle.

How does this help me?

BrainJack™ dashboards make your business intelligence “active”. Our patented process increases user productivity and retention by enabling the correlation of results between BI components without writing any code.
Users can receive ActiveBI alerts  informing you of concerns with monitored business processes. Alerts are automated and run in the background saving the user time logging in to the system, identifying and running the report, then manually reviewing the report to identify anomalies.  ActiveBI can be scheduled to deliver updates or provide near real-time alerts based on configurable business rules. 

Discover the Benefits of BrainJack™


  • A simplified view of mission-critical information aimed at helping viewers make decisions that promote mission success.
  • Available to you as web-enabled pages that can be run on traditional computers, tablets, and hand-held devices.
  • Made from charts, gauges, maps, and pivot tables. Each of our components makes it easy to see at a glance what the data is saying.


  • Spreadsheets, pivot tables, and charts are sent to you by BrainJack™ ActiveBI when interesting things happen based on your dashboards.
  • Scheduled reports and alerts based on your key performance indicators will bring important developments, issues that threaten the mission, or indicators.
  • ActiveBI comes to you based on business rules, schedules, and AI to bring you the insights needed for reaching your goals.

Pivot Tables

  • Simplify multi-dimensional analysis
  • Users can select the dimensions, filters, and measures of interest and see their selections drive real-time renderings of a pivot table using actual data (not cached results).
  • Integrates with ActiveBI to autonomously deliver a report or alert


  • Directly supporting the attainment of your business goals
  • Specific format that meets contractual, client, or regulatory requirements
  • Communicates information that drives unique business value

BrainJack™ Solutions


What are BrainJack™ Solutions?

Pre-built solutions that extend the business intelligence of certain software applications to improve responsiveness and efficiency and help you reach your organizational goals.

How does this help me?

  • Faster Recognition: Presents correlated dashboards using BIF’s patented drilldown process
  • Improved Insights: Pre-built queries deliver answers to key business questions
  • Identify and alert you to processes that are out of control
  • Active vs. Passive BI: ActiveBI automatically delivers reports on a configurable schedule (daily, weekly, etc.)

BrainJack™ Membership

  • Measure the effectiveness of communication with members
  • Improve the collection of fees
  • Match members with relevant events to improve their business
  • Provide a holistic view of your business and your members through the integration of membership and financial data

BrainJack™ ITSM

  • Improve data-driven decision making and organizational efficiency by surfacing data from your IT Service Management (ITSM) system.
  • Automating the distribution of actionable intelligence to authorized users based on configurable schedules and/or business rules.

BrainJack™ TimeCard

  • Takes time and attendance data and makes it available as dashboards, pivot tables, scheduled reports, alerts, and invoices.
  • Provides easy-to-read prompts for dashboard parameters.
  • Leverage calendars, maps, pop-up lists, checkboxes, and more to get user input.

There’s no data that’s safe from a BrainJack™ solution

We are focused on making your data meaningful
in support of your business decision-making process.